12 October 2010

My Radio

A lot of my young learner friends are surprised whenever they take a ride in my car especially if the radio is on. "You listened to Hitz FM?" would a common comment. Well why not? You can be in your 2nd half of your life and still stay young at heart...

DSC05333My first choice would be Hitz FM...also a favourite of other half and my cool teen & my pre-teen.

DSC05335My other favourite other than Mix FM would be 96.00 called the Hallelujah Channel...a collection of songs from my pen drive using the car mp3 fm modulator. My pre-teen would always come in the car and pressed PAUSE whenever we're listening to another channel...She has a collection of David Archuleta's songs on my drive!

DSC05336The other favourite that my cool teen & pre teen hates is the Light & Easy Channel 105.7. We use this channel to silence our kids whenever they start arguing in the car. If we are at the traffic lights, we would take out our handphones and wave them around (like they do in the concert) and not long after that we would have silence in the car and eventually we see my cool teen sliding further down his seat, hoping that none of his friends are in any of the cars around us!

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